5 Responses to “San Francisco 49ers Yet to Prove Themselves to the Monday Morning Quarterback”

  1. Dave says:

    For god’s sake, give the niners there do, your sounding like a freakin Raider fan.. IDIOT!!

    • Mr.C.J. Sports says:

      Lol, its funny because this article was talking about those Monday morning qaurterbacks and talking about that joke of a sporting news outlet, ESPN. If you had read anything thing of mine first of all, not this piece that I received from a fellow blogger or listen to my talk show on blog talk radio at 11 pm est, you would know I am very pro-niners. I vote them in second in the UFB rankings and say very positive things about there coach. I am still shacky about them being #1 rush defense, thats because they havent played a real run team yet. Giants where the closest and they were without Jacobs. I will feel better about their status on rush defense after they play the Ravens and Steelers. But, that is cool if you think I am the idiot, lol.

      • Jesse says:

        If your still wondering if the Niners are the #1 rush defense, then just look up the last time they allowed a 100 yard rusher. I watched the NY Giants game and saw Brandon Jacobs carry the ball plenty of times, 18 times to be exact! I am wondering if you even watch the games? If you haven’t watched the team you are writing about then don’t write about them.

        • Mr.C.J. Sports says:

          I meant Bradsaw, had Jacobs on my mind from earlier conversations. You are right, thats why once again, I didn’t write it, guess you should read before you speak. At the bottom is the site where original piece came from and like I said in the other comment, it was not written by me and maybe you should take a minute and check site out or listen to my show.on blog talk radio, I am very pro-niners. The Giants are a balanced team, not a rushing team. I can read the stats. Thats like my Cleveland Browns, who have the #1 pass defense. I don’t think on the field they are #1, but stats say other wise. Their schedule and playing teams that lack a passing game have contributed to that. So don’t give me that line of garbage, because I have a 3-6 in the same situation.

        • Altan says:

          Yeah right! who won in that game?

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