3 Responses to “Are You Really Still Labeling Him Elite?”

  1. Emmitt says:

    Did you decide to get drunk before writing this garbage? My guess is you did because that is the only way I can justify anything you have said. Anyone who knows anything about football will tell you yes Eli is Elite. I my opinion he is in the top four with Rodgers, Brees, Brady, and if he had the weapons that either of those guys have he could easily be rated ahead of any of them.

    Eli suffers because of mediocre talent around him that provides inconsistent performances at best. He has a poor head coach who is so blind or controlling that he doesn’t see that Eli is unbeatable when running the no huddle offense. Yet the only time he is allowed to run it is in the fourth quarter when they are behind and still Eli comes through most of the time.

    Anyone who thinks Eli is not an elite quarterback simply cannot be taken seriously.

    • Mr.C.J. Sports says:

      You must be a Giants fan, lol. News flash, the only people who think Eli Manning is elite are Giants fans and some people from ESPN. Hell half of the idiots from ESPN don’t know what they are even talking about. I might of been drunk, but you must of been smoking some good ass crack to put him infront of Big Ben and Peyton Manning. The recieviving squad wasn’t any better in Tampa Bay or Baltimore when they won, but once again neither one of those two QBs were labeled elite. People are to quick to over rate players. Plain and simple, Eli is a top ten QB who thinks he is a top five QB but most of the time plays like a top fifteen QB. Stats and numbers back that, most true NFL experts know this, and NY Giants will have to learn to accept this.

  2. richie says:

    you are an idiot for writing that article , you are just an eli hater just because he is ELITE , YES I SAID ELITE

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