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  1. Adina says:

    What’s worth pointing out here is that the majority of sports reporters are calling the trade a terrible football move; at the same time, they claim that if Sanchez doesn’t prove himself, Metlife Stadium will be filled with chants of “Te-bow! Te-bow!” and Sanchez’s career in New York will be effectively over. How can the two make sense? Those who are voicing such opinions are playing both sides of the field, so to speak, as two major camps have emerged in response to the Jets most recent acquisition:

    1. The die-hard Jet fan, or even those who are not Jet fans but have at least an intermediate-level understanding of the game, cannot comprehend the rationale behind such a trade. These people have confidence in Sanchez, a budding quarterback who had resounding success in his first two years, but failed to live up to expectations this past year. While many others are saying “What have you done for me lately?” these fans recognize that quarterback superstardom doesn’t come overnight, and that the typical quarterback must struggle before achieving success (just look at the Jets’ crosstown rivals for the perfect example of this point). To this group, the deal presents no threat to Sanchez’s future as the Jets starting quarterback. Who knows? Maybe bringing Tebow in for a couple of plays a game will give Sanchez added motivation to perform and even alleviate some pressure, knowing that there is an additional (albeit ancillary) tool in his team’s offensive arsenal.

    2. Then there are the casual Jets fans (and/or casual sports fans) who are more concerned with the name on the back of the jersey than the play on the field. It is these less knowledgeable and more impulsive people who will be calling for Tebow to step in once Sanchez throws “three three-and-outs,” as GM Mike Tannenbaum phrased it. It’s the wives, daughters, and girlfriends drawn in by Tebow’s good looks but unaware of what the wildcat even is; the devout Christians looking to see their role model take the field; and the talking heads and gossip columnists who will prey on any semblance of drama within the locker room. They are the ones getting caught up in the hype and claiming Tebow is the better quarterback in the picture. And they are the ones who will be chanting for Tebow from day one.

    The many sports reporters are calling this a terrible football move, yet claiming that Tebow will overtake Sanchez’s starting position in no time, are simultaneously playing the role of industry insider and peripheral fan and in the process contradicting themselves. It’s time to pick a side, and I suggest choosing the former. What will come to define whether this was a smart move or a major faux pas on the Jets’ front office’s part is whether they can ignore the chants of the second camp and adopt the perspective or the first camp. Focusing on the on-field play rather than the off-field hysteria is the only way to navigate the complex course that bringing Tebow here has created.

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